Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Students

Dear Parents: You should be proud of your child for having the courage to explore the world and live in a new city to improve their English skills.

Dear Students: You will be hand selected to join our exchange program.

We look for mature students with a big heart, positive attitude, desire to be in L.A. for a particular reason, and an adventurous spirit.  

We are a specialized, boutique organization that believes in keeping our program small, unique and focused on our students.

Our offices and homes are right here in Los Angeles so we are hands-on and here to watch over your child. 

Our host families have been thoroughly screened to make sure they are going to provide a loving and safe home for your child.

Our families are diverse, just like our great city. But they all share the common goal of showing your child just how spectacular living in Los Angeles can be. 

Your child's education is very important to us. We work with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest school district in the United States. Students are offered Advanced Placement classes in Calculus, Physics, Biology, English, Economics, Foreign Language, and many others. Our schools provide a variety of elective classes and after-school activities. Students are required to take four academic and two elective courses. We are serious about our students' achievement so all students must maintain good academic standing in order to stay in the program.

The L.A. High School year abroad program is for many English levels. For students who need help with their English development, our schools provide English as a Second Language courses to help the students succeed in all of their classes.

Also, LACE places a maximum of five students per country in one school. (The average LAUSD enrollment is 2,500 students)

It is a great privilege to study abroad for a year and you should thank your parents for giving you this opportunity. But with privilege comes responsibility. Remember, you are representing your family and your country while in Los Angeles. We work hard and play hard in L.A. So get ready to study and explore our wonderful city.

What is most important to you is what is important to L.A. Cultural Exchange.

  • You want to be happy with your host family - We personally know the majority of our host families and will match you with a family that will help make your L.A experience fun and memorable.
  • You want to make friends and feel comfortable in your L.A. high school - At each of our high schools, we have a counselor or coordinator whose job is to make you feel a part of the school. We also give you tips on how to make the most of your Los Angeles high school experience.
  • You want to have someone to talk to - Your Program Manager is a major part of your life in L.A. You should feel confident that s/he is here to help you with anything you need. We take great care to select fun, world-traveled, big-hearted Program Managers you will enjoy.
  • We will introduce you to our other exchange students and will arrange fun group outings.
  • We are the L.A. experts. We to know the best places to go people watching, to see your favorite stars, to skate board, to find affordable designer clothes, to get the best burger in all of L.A.

    What do you want to experience during your high school year in L.A.?  Let us Know - Click here.



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