Welcome to L.A. Cultural Exchange (LACE) - the organization that brings international students to live and study in the spectacular city of Los Angeles in the beautiful state of California!

Why ONLY Los Angeles?

Because Los Angeles has it all! We are where art, TV and movies are made and where fun happens year round. L.A. has the best schools, beaches, parks, restaurants, entertainment venues and performing arts training centers. But L.A. is huge and diverse. So in order for international students to really enjoy their exchange year abroad, they should come to the Los Angeles experts. Our LACE Team knows the ins and outs of our great city and we are experts in everything L.A.

  • We live in L.A.
  • We work in L.A.
  • We play in L.A.
  • We love L.A.

We are a specialized, boutique organization that hand picks our international exchange students. We believe in keeping our program focused with one clear mission:

L.A. Cultural Exchange provides our students with a highly personalized, fun and enriching study abroad experience in Los Angeles through total immersion in a new high school, language, culture, family and city.